Yahweh has wonderful Feasts for us set in the year. These are commanded convocations which are blessings and prophetic. (Lev. 23)  The Holy Days are types of Sabbaths where the body of Messiah meet before Yahweh and Yahshua in their seasons. They are part of the covenant given to us in Exodus chapters twenty through twenty four (20-24) inclusive. Don't miss out on these wonderful blessings! Here is the calendar for the upcoming years:                                

YEAR 2016 
First Day of the Sacred Year  April 9...Abib 1
Passover  *April 22
Feast of Unleavened Bread  April 23-29
Feast of Pentecost  June 12
Feast of Trumpets  October 3
Day of Atonement  October12
Feast of Tabernacles  October 17-23
Last Great Day  October 24


 Year 2017 
First Day of the Sacred Year  March 30...Abib 1 
Passover  April 12
Feast of Unleavened Bread  April 13-19
Feast of Pentecost  June 4
Feast of Trumpets  September 22
Day of Atonement  October 1
Feast of Tabernacles  October 6-12
Last Great Day  October 13


     * Observed on the previous evening.

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