Leadership Body: Michael Abbaduska, Elder and Editor. The leadership is assisted by two elders and guided by Yahshua and the Kodesh Spirit.

Purpose: Preach the entire work of the Bible to the called-out ones for repentance, reconciliation, and an end-time warning. We encourage and promote all the gifts of the Kodesh Spirit to be able to stand against the attack of Satan. We teach the entire covenant.

History: The ministry was instituted in Illinois in 1990, under the leadership and guidance of the Kodesh Spirit. The calling was verified by its rapid growth, international outreach, and support. Two major words of knowledge were given to confirm work: Exodus 3:8-10.

Affiliation/Membership: We are independent, but believe and encourage fellowship across organizational boundaries.

Distinctive Doctrines: We teach the entire word of Yahweh to include, faith in Yahshua as the only begotten Son of Yahweh, who died and rose again and sits at the Father's right hand. All things have been placed under Him, and His return is imminent to establish His kingdom.

Sacred Names? Yes Set-Apart Days? Yes, Leviticus 23.

Evangelistic Efforts: Assembly of Yah is a worldwide outreach to include the distribution of study tapes, newsletters and study tracts. The ministry travels worldwide, teaching and presenting seminars in spiritual warfare and end-time prophecy. We also have an extensive prison ministry outreach.

Literature: List of materials available.