Real Life Testimonials Of Real Baptized Believers ( In Yahshua Messiah)


Young married woman dying from multiple problems.  Before I received deliverance, I was riddled with demons.  I don't see how there was room for the Ruach Ha Kodesh to dwell within me--but Yahweh always finds a way.  I had such demons as binging & purging, poor self-image, terminator (death), rejection, rebellion, anger/temper & so many fears that I lost track.  Many of these have stemmed from my early childhood.

Since my sessions of deliverance back in February of 2006, my outlook on life has changed. After my third session, I felt this overwhelming sense of peace within me.  I just felt lighter-not physically, but spiritually.  I believe Yahweh-shua delivered me from the worst ones that were physically attacking me such as terminator, binging/purging & poor self-image.  I feel He has delivered me from many of the fears--including fear of rejection.  The other ones I believe He will take from me a little at a time.  I know it doesn't happen immediately, but I now know that deliverance must be a part of my walk with Yahweh.  Rebellion, I have found is something I have to battle almost daily.

I know that Yahweh-shua is with me in my walk and he has shown me that life is so much more important than how I was viewing it.  I am not perfect, so the perfectionist in me, I believe, is diminishing.  I believe Yahweh has shown me that I am beautiful to HIM as well as myself and HE MADE ME THIS WAY, and HE is PERFECT.  I have to try to get myself in the image he wants me to be in. I have received from Yahweh so much more than what was taken from me by Satan.  I have received such a love and passion for wanting to please Yahweh-shua, and to walk closer with them and that is worth so much more than being beautiful to society and paper-thin.  I find myself crying while reading scriptures because I feel I get so engrossed in it that it breaks my heart that so few really understand it, and I ask Yahweh to keep me humble that I am one of those special few.  I cry when I read the Old Testament because it breaks my heart that they had Yahweh there with them and didn't want Him there.  The New makes me cry because to think of what Yahweh has brought me to this point and I pray he will take me farther than I can ever imagine.

Yahweh has opened by husband & my eyes more so now since deliverance, of the evil works that are in the world. We are working more where our children are concerned and how to keep us even more set-apart.  It creeps in...they just try to slip it in so cleverly, but Yahweh reveals things to those who will listen and watch.

It is wonderful to know that Yahweh-shua loves me this much that He will even help a sinner like me be delivered from the evil one.  His word is TRUE and I learn that more and more.  Deliverance has brought me and my husband closer.  We are a team.

Thank you Pastor & your wife.  You guys are so special to all of us in the Assembly.  We love when you visit and dislike it when you leave.  Thank you for FINALLY making it here (ha! ha!).  May Yahweh bless your ministry and keep all of you safe from the evil ones...


A 59 year old man delivered from addictive behaviors. I have been a believer most of my life. However my view of what was expected of me as a believer fell woefully short of what Yahweh intended for us as children. Then a few years back due to some very tying circumstances, I found myself desiring a much closer walk with Yahshua. I realized at that point that my faith and beliefs were very shallow. I was then drawn into a deeper study of scripture and a more dedicated prayer life. When this occurred I found that there were issues in my life that were too powerful to resolve by just study and general prayer. I struggled with unclean thoughts and addictive behaviors that I felt would never be resolved. I thought that this is just the way things were, and I could not change. Then a few months ago my son talked to me about spiritual warfare and deliverance. I was very skeptical. He began the process by doing the Renunciations (Eight prayers). After his first session of deliverance, by the Assembly of Yah, I saw a great change in his countenance. This change in my own son intrigued me. After I began to talk to him about it, I began to realize that Satan and his demons have the ability to influence our lives due to this society and ancestral programming of sin and rebellion toward Yahweh and His covenant. This was something I had not fully understood before. The Spiritual Warfare Seminar from the Assembly of Yah taught me a great deal about all this. I was shocked! I began to consider these things as I thought about the areas of my life in which I had been defeated. Yahweh had placed in me a deep yearning to walk in purity and I knew that coming to know and deeply understand the ability of Satan to influence our lives made deliverance a must! With all my being, I wanted to bring praise and honor to Yahweh through Yahshua Messiah living in me. Since being delivered from the hold that Satan and his demons had on me, I now am able to experience the real freedom and peace that Yahweh has promised through his word. Yahshua Himself lead, instructed, comforted and empowered me to do His will and receive His promise of deliverance from darkness. My walk now is much closer and my awareness of the enemy's suggestions are clearer and the drive to eliminate their influence is my life is resolute. I praise Yahweh and Yahshua for the avenue of deliverance. I pray that all believers come to see the need and the beauty of it's outcome.


A divorced business woman writes about her shame. I always felt inadequate, full of rejection and believed that I was unworthy of anything good to come to me in this life. I had an inability to accept any blessings in word or deed, especially by others. I did not have a problem giving to others, and most of the time I wanted to help where I could. I tried everything to build myself image up, but nothing lasted or remained. I knew that deliverance was real and scriptural. I had deliverance in the past in small amounts, but I still had not received a great release. I was confused as to what the reason was that I was not delivered.

After receiving counseling, the brethren opened with prayer and the attack began. Through a vision, we realized that witchcraft was involved. I was never into that, but my family was in past generations. One of my problems in the physical was eczema, and during the session, I began to itch all over my body. At that time the workers anointed me in the Name of Yahshua for power and deliverance and we realized that the itching was just a distraction to take our attention of the spirit called REJECTION. This is what Yahweh really wanted out of me today. Rejection is a typical spirit that many women carry.

The support began and prayer continued with scripture that heaped love upon me. The brethren spoke things to me and the spirit about love, grace, acceptance and forgiveness. They hugged me and showed me the love that the Father had been trying to give to me for years. It made the rejection spirit very uncomfortable, and it laughed nervously. There were several manifestations of yawns and tears as we continued. After about twenty minutes the deliverance was stopped to access my feeling and evaluate the fight. I was asked what Yahweh was showing me. I told them that I now realized that I had accepted Yahshua only as my payment for sins, but never really accepted Him as my King and His love in my heart. It was only on the surface. I had felt unworthy of His blood and personal sacrifice for me. This was enough legal ground for the spirit to come and stay in me. Once I renounced this belief, and opened my heart to receive Yahshua's love, the legal ground was broken, and later the spirit left. I fully realize now that I have to love and accept love by Yahweh and others. I am worth while. I am a valued and important daughter and saint to Him by Yahshua our redeemer and Elder Brother.

I know now more fully the power of deliverance and see the need for it in so many believers. I tried everything to overcome my inner sadness and loneliness, but only deliverance worked. I have now also been healed of eczema. I now reject put downs and situations where Satan tries to tell me I am not loved. He knows now that I really an changed from the inside out, and I will not receive any of his devices any more!


Twenty Six year old man angry and bitter. I have a beautiful young wife and new baby girl, both who are treasures to me. I have a good job, a blessed group to fellowship on Sabbath, and good health. In spite of all this I was angry, easily irritated and short tempered with everyone. It seemed that a dark cloud just followed me about for no reason. I heard about deliverance and studied it out in the scriptures. I was not sure about it, but I trusted the Pastor I knew who taught this and prayed for believers. I decided to enter the program of fasting and spiritual warfare to be ready for the three sessions I planned to receive. I knew that Yahweh loved me and promised me peace in my life, but I just could not get a hold of it.

After my first deliverance session this morning, I felt progressively better as the day went on. I felt more and more free and peaceful in my self. My mind has stayed on the things of Yahweh and my head and body feel like a great stress has been taken away. Just as I was warned by the prayer team, Satan launched a retaliatory attack against me on several fronts, but now it is much easier to resist his attacks and bring all thoughts into the obedience of Messiah. Halleluyah for all that Messiah has won for us!

This is now the morning after the day of my first deliverance session. I am feeling better than I have ever felt before! Satan is trying to throw doubt, discouragement and fear into my thoughts, but he has no longer the power to do so as long as I resist.

Before my deliverance sessions, I was easily led to be frustrated and irritated by small things. Praise Yahweh and Yahshua for the testimony I can now share. My wife has also noticed a big difference in my feelings with her. I can even notice a difference there myself. Words or actions that would make me get defensive have now become chances for me to express how much I love her and how much I want to be at peace with each other. Little favors she asked that used to annoy me are now viewed as a way to show her love. Our relationship has really grown and continues to grow...Halleluyah!!



Thirty year old mother testifies of the power over unclean spirits. The day after I did my renunciations (Eight prayers concerning legal ground [sin] that Satan can use to attack a believer), my twelve your old daughter was stung by a hornet. It immediately brought great pain and quickly swelled in to a boil type lump about two inches in diameter. We tried putting all kinds of salves and ointments on it, but nothing helped at all. The situation was quickly getting worse. I laid my hand on the spot and prayed in Yahshua's Name for the spirits of pain, poison and inflammation to come out.  I lifted my hand off the spot and immediately the pain went away. Then my daughter and I watched as the swelling and redness went away right before our eyes within seconds. I shouted Halleluyah! And my daughter started crying, and said she had never seen anything like that before. We praise Yahweh through Yahshua for the power, goodness and authority He has shown us through his word!


In 2002 I was sixty five year old woman with an obsession for sugar, happily married to a wonderful husband twenty years. We lived out in the country with gardens and live stock eating healthily and taking good care of our selves. I was happy and content with what Yahweh had given me including my deep spiritual life. My life for the most part was calm, peaceful and satisfying, and at the same time, my good husband was very supportive and understanding. But, things were not all well. I ate not only clean biblical goods, but we ate mostly organic food we grew ourselves. I had lots of energy and was never sick. Our diets and health was good. So I did not understand my behavior at all! On a regular weekly basis, I had terrible sugar cravings that I had absolutely no control of at all. I would go to the grocery store and buy ten bags of candy, cakes, pastries and other sweets. I would come home and hide them and stash them where they could not be found. On days when I was really out of control, I would make a large cake with lots of sugary frosting, sit down and eat it all. Then I would feel guilty and fast for two days to compensate for the calories. On other days I would eat a whole bag of candy secretly. I felt like an alcoholic. I felt ashamed, guilty and dirty. It got worse and worse till I would fear what would happen the next day. I prayed constantly and read scripture that would give me hope, but there was none. I was attending a good congregation each Sabbath and asked the Elders to anoint me and pray for me to overcome. That helped for about a week to ten days. Then the obsession came back even worse. I was so ashamed. Then I read in the word that fasting breaks the bonds of wickedness. So I fasted seven days. That helped be for about another week. Then it came back worse again. I then fasted for twenty one days. I was weak and exhausted, I was sure that this would free me from my bondage, but the peace and control only lasted about two weeks. I was beginning to hate myself.

I had some good friend come and visit for several weeks. They were teaching spiritual warfare and deliverance. I did not know much about it, but they easily showed me many cases in the scriptures were believers had unclean spirits that harassed them and drove them or hurt them like the women who was hump back for twelve years, who Satan had bound. Finally, I was willing to try anything. I fasted two days on water in preparation for prayer. The Pastor and his wife prayed for me about an hour. After it was done, I felt a great relief and a peace that I had not known before. I also felt closer to Yahshua than I had for a long time. The deliverance worked! I had no more loss of control and the sugar obsession was completely gone. All I can say is that I know now that there was something driving me that I knew nothing about. I was out of control, and I was beginning to wonder if Yahweh was even hearing my prayers. But, He was. Yahshua and His servants delivered me from a torment I could not deal with. I Praise them and hope in some way, my story will help someone else. Yahweh's word in really alive and true still for us today! R.L.