Real Life Testimonials Of Real Baptized Believers ( In Yahshua Messiah)


Young married woman dying from multiple problems.  Before I received deliverance, I was riddled with demons.  I don't see how there was room for the Ruach Ha Kodesh to dwell within me--but Yahweh always finds a way.  I had such demons as binging & purging, poor self-image, terminator (death), rejection, rebellion, anger/temper & so many fears that I lost track.  Many

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A 59 year old man delivered from addictive behaviors. I have been a believer most of my life. However my view of what was expected of me as a believer fell woefully short of what Yahweh intended for us as children. Then a few years back due to some very tying circumstances, I found myself desiring a much closer walk with Yahshua. I realized at that point that my faith and beliefs were very

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A divorced business woman writes about her shame. I always felt inadequate, full of rejection and believed that I was unworthy of anything good to come to me in this life. I had an inability to accept any blessings in word or deed, especially by others. I did not have a problem giving to others, and most of the time I wanted to help where I could. I tried everything to build myself image up, but

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Twenty Six year old man angry and bitter. I have a beautiful young wife and new baby girl, both who are treasures to me. I have a good job, a blessed group to fellowship on Sabbath, and good health. In spite of all this I was angry, easily irritated and short tempered with everyone. It seemed that a dark cloud just followed me about for no reason. I heard about deliverance and studied it out in

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Thirty year old mother testifies of the power over unclean spirits. The day after I did my renunciations (Eight prayers concerning legal ground [sin] that Satan can use to attack a believer), my twelve your old daughter was stung by a hornet. It immediately brought great pain and quickly swelled in to a boil type lump about two inches in diameter. We tried putting all kinds of salves and

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In 2002 I was sixty five year old woman with an obsession for sugar, happily married to a wonderful husband twenty years. We lived out in the country with gardens and live stock eating healthily and taking good care of our selves. I was happy and content with what Yahweh had given me including my deep spiritual life. My life for the most part was calm, peaceful and satisfying, and at the same

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