Seminars are available from the Assembly of Yah. There are five seminars that we present: The Sacred Names, Healing, Spiritual Warfare, Calendar and Deception. These are available on DVD disc, and in person if the group is large enough.

Seminar are extremely valuable. They present a subject in great depth and clarity. And, with the seminars there are books and reference materials that support and explain main points. We can not get all we need to know from just daily bible reading. We can not get what we need from attending all Sabbath meeting. Some ministers have been given special areas of study and understanding. These teachings and gifts are gifts to the Assembly as it is written in Corinthians chapter 12. One man, or one Assembly can not know it all, so Yahshua, High Priest, gives unique teaching to individuals who will search them out. If they are presented in a well organized manor in one sitting, they are called seminars. And, if they are scriptural, they will be a great blessing! Contact us about these seminars. You will be glad you did.

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Books on these subjects are also available via the booklist, from the Assembly of Yah.