A divorced business woman writes about her shame. I always felt inadequate, full of rejection and believed that I was unworthy of anything good to come to me in this life. I had an inability to accept any blessings in word or deed, especially by others. I did not have a problem giving to others, and most of the time I wanted to help where I could. I tried everything to build myself image up, but nothing lasted or remained. I knew that deliverance was real and scriptural. I had deliverance in the past in small amounts, but I still had not received a great release. I was confused as to what the reason was that I was not delivered.

After receiving counseling, the brethren opened with prayer and the attack began. Through a vision, we realized that witchcraft was involved. I was never into that, but my family was in past generations. One of my problems in the physical was eczema, and during the session, I began to itch all over my body. At that time the workers anointed me in the Name of Yahshua for power and deliverance and we realized that the itching was just a distraction to take our attention of the spirit called REJECTION. This is what Yahweh really wanted out of me today. Rejection is a typical spirit that many women carry.

The support began and prayer continued with scripture that heaped love upon me. The brethren spoke things to me and the spirit about love, grace, acceptance and forgiveness. They hugged me and showed me the love that the Father had been trying to give to me for years. It made the rejection spirit very uncomfortable, and it laughed nervously. There were several manifestations of yawns and tears as we continued. After about twenty minutes the deliverance was stopped to access my feeling and evaluate the fight. I was asked what Yahweh was showing me. I told them that I now realized that I had accepted Yahshua only as my payment for sins, but never really accepted Him as my King and His love in my heart. It was only on the surface. I had felt unworthy of His blood and personal sacrifice for me. This was enough legal ground for the spirit to come and stay in me. Once I renounced this belief, and opened my heart to receive Yahshua's love, the legal ground was broken, and later the spirit left. I fully realize now that I have to love and accept love by Yahweh and others. I am worth while. I am a valued and important daughter and saint to Him by Yahshua our redeemer and Elder Brother.

I know now more fully the power of deliverance and see the need for it in so many believers. I tried everything to overcome my inner sadness and loneliness, but only deliverance worked. I have now also been healed of eczema. I now reject put downs and situations where Satan tries to tell me I am not loved. He knows now that I really an changed from the inside out, and I will not receive any of his devices any more!