Twenty Six year old man angry and bitter. I have a beautiful young wife and new baby girl, both who are treasures to me. I have a good job, a blessed group to fellowship on Sabbath, and good health. In spite of all this I was angry, easily irritated and short tempered with everyone. It seemed that a dark cloud just followed me about for no reason. I heard about deliverance and studied it out in the scriptures. I was not sure about it, but I trusted the Pastor I knew who taught this and prayed for believers. I decided to enter the program of fasting and spiritual warfare to be ready for the three sessions I planned to receive. I knew that Yahweh loved me and promised me peace in my life, but I just could not get a hold of it.

After my first deliverance session this morning, I felt progressively better as the day went on. I felt more and more free and peaceful in my self. My mind has stayed on the things of Yahweh and my head and body feel like a great stress has been taken away. Just as I was warned by the prayer team, Satan launched a retaliatory attack against me on several fronts, but now it is much easier to resist his attacks and bring all thoughts into the obedience of Messiah. Halleluyah for all that Messiah has won for us!

This is now the morning after the day of my first deliverance session. I am feeling better than I have ever felt before! Satan is trying to throw doubt, discouragement and fear into my thoughts, but he has no longer the power to do so as long as I resist.

Before my deliverance sessions, I was easily led to be frustrated and irritated by small things. Praise Yahweh and Yahshua for the testimony I can now share. My wife has also noticed a big difference in my feelings with her. I can even notice a difference there myself. Words or actions that would make me get defensive have now become chances for me to express how much I love her and how much I want to be at peace with each other. Little favors she asked that used to annoy me are now viewed as a way to show her love. Our relationship has really grown and continues to grow...Halleluyah!!