In 2002 I was sixty five year old woman with an obsession for sugar, happily married to a wonderful husband twenty years. We lived out in the country with gardens and live stock eating healthily and taking good care of our selves. I was happy and content with what Yahweh had given me including my deep spiritual life. My life for the most part was calm, peaceful and satisfying, and at the same time, my good husband was very supportive and understanding. But, things were not all well. I ate not only clean biblical goods, but we ate mostly organic food we grew ourselves. I had lots of energy and was never sick. Our diets and health was good. So I did not understand my behavior at all! On a regular weekly basis, I had terrible sugar cravings that I had absolutely no control of at all. I would go to the grocery store and buy ten bags of candy, cakes, pastries and other sweets. I would come home and hide them and stash them where they could not be found. On days when I was really out of control, I would make a large cake with lots of sugary frosting, sit down and eat it all. Then I would feel guilty and fast for two days to compensate for the calories. On other days I would eat a whole bag of candy secretly. I felt like an alcoholic. I felt ashamed, guilty and dirty. It got worse and worse till I would fear what would happen the next day. I prayed constantly and read scripture that would give me hope, but there was none. I was attending a good congregation each Sabbath and asked the Elders to anoint me and pray for me to overcome. That helped for about a week to ten days. Then the obsession came back even worse. I was so ashamed. Then I read in the word that fasting breaks the bonds of wickedness. So I fasted seven days. That helped be for about another week. Then it came back worse again. I then fasted for twenty one days. I was weak and exhausted, I was sure that this would free me from my bondage, but the peace and control only lasted about two weeks. I was beginning to hate myself.

I had some good friend come and visit for several weeks. They were teaching spiritual warfare and deliverance. I did not know much about it, but they easily showed me many cases in the scriptures were believers had unclean spirits that harassed them and drove them or hurt them like the women who was hump back for twelve years, who Satan had bound. Finally, I was willing to try anything. I fasted two days on water in preparation for prayer. The Pastor and his wife prayed for me about an hour. After it was done, I felt a great relief and a peace that I had not known before. I also felt closer to Yahshua than I had for a long time. The deliverance worked! I had no more loss of control and the sugar obsession was completely gone. All I can say is that I know now that there was something driving me that I knew nothing about. I was out of control, and I was beginning to wonder if Yahweh was even hearing my prayers. But, He was. Yahshua and His servants delivered me from a torment I could not deal with. I Praise them and hope in some way, my story will help someone else. Yahweh's word in really alive and true still for us today! R.L.