Young married woman dying from multiple problems.  Before I received deliverance, I was riddled with demons.  I don't see how there was room for the Ruach Ha Kodesh to dwell within me--but Yahweh always finds a way.  I had such demons as binging & purging, poor self-image, terminator (death), rejection, rebellion, anger/temper & so many fears that I lost track.  Many of these have stemmed from my early childhood.

Since my sessions of deliverance back in February of 2006, my outlook on life has changed. After my third session, I felt this overwhelming sense of peace within me.  I just felt lighter-not physically, but spiritually.  I believe Yahweh-shua delivered me from the worst ones that were physically attacking me such as terminator, binging/purging & poor self-image.  I feel He has delivered me from many of the fears--including fear of rejection.  The other ones I believe He will take from me a little at a time.  I know it doesn't happen immediately, but I now know that deliverance must be a part of my walk with Yahweh.  Rebellion, I have found is something I have to battle almost daily.

I know that Yahweh-shua is with me in my walk and he has shown me that life is so much more important than how I was viewing it.  I am not perfect, so the perfectionist in me, I believe, is diminishing.  I believe Yahweh has shown me that I am beautiful to HIM as well as myself and HE MADE ME THIS WAY, and HE is PERFECT.  I have to try to get myself in the image he wants me to be in. I have received from Yahweh so much more than what was taken from me by Satan.  I have received such a love and passion for wanting to please Yahweh-shua, and to walk closer with them and that is worth so much more than being beautiful to society and paper-thin.  I find myself crying while reading scriptures because I feel I get so engrossed in it that it breaks my heart that so few really understand it, and I ask Yahweh to keep me humble that I am one of those special few.  I cry when I read the Old Testament because it breaks my heart that they had Yahweh there with them and didn't want Him there.  The New makes me cry because to think of what Yahweh has brought me to this point and I pray he will take me farther than I can ever imagine.

Yahweh has opened by husband & my eyes more so now since deliverance, of the evil works that are in the world. We are working more where our children are concerned and how to keep us even more set-apart.  It creeps in...they just try to slip it in so cleverly, but Yahweh reveals things to those who will listen and watch.

It is wonderful to know that Yahweh-shua loves me this much that He will even help a sinner like me be delivered from the evil one.  His word is TRUE and I learn that more and more.  Deliverance has brought me and my husband closer.  We are a team.

Thank you Pastor & your wife.  You guys are so special to all of us in the Assembly.  We love when you visit and dislike it when you leave.  Thank you for FINALLY making it here (ha! ha!).  May Yahweh bless your ministry and keep all of you safe from the evil ones...