Thirty year old mother testifies of the power over unclean spirits. The day after I did my renunciations (Eight prayers concerning legal ground [sin] that Satan can use to attack a believer), my twelve your old daughter was stung by a hornet. It immediately brought great pain and quickly swelled in to a boil type lump about two inches in diameter. We tried putting all kinds of salves and ointments on it, but nothing helped at all. The situation was quickly getting worse. I laid my hand on the spot and prayed in Yahshua's Name for the spirits of pain, poison and inflammation to come out.  I lifted my hand off the spot and immediately the pain went away. Then my daughter and I watched as the swelling and redness went away right before our eyes within seconds. I shouted Halleluyah! And my daughter started crying, and said she had never seen anything like that before. We praise Yahweh through Yahshua for the power, goodness and authority He has shown us through his word!