By Elder John Trescott

This year many will be observing Passover and the Kodesh Days a full month differently than others. Even for those who observe the new crescent, some will be a month different. I have two booklets which will make the subject of the calendar plain.. WHOSE CALENDAR, YAHWEH'S OR THE JEWS, and YAHWEH'S CALENDAR VS ROMAN-JEWISH CALENDAR. We have sent out dozens of these booklets. Yet in a short form here, allow me to try to clarify the subject even more.

Genesis 1:14 states.. "And Yahweh said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years."

Notice that the lights, not the darkness, would be used. A crescent is the first form of light of a new moon, or month (shining sword #2320, #2318). NOT THE DARK OF AN ASTRONOMICAL NEW MOON. The word for seasons is "moed" meaning the feast days. So the sun AND the moon are to be used to determine the time of holy day observance. How does Yahweh do that? Well, He also said they would be for years. The sun determines days and years, and the moon determines months, so holy days could be easily ascertained and held to.

Again, how does Yahweh do that? Notice in Genesis 8:22... "While the earth remains, seedtime (spring) and harvest (fall), and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." Here is reassurance we will continue to be able to see a new day if we wake from our night of sleep. We will continue to have the four basic seasons, of course in the areas outside of the polar areas. That is where the sun comes in. Spring begins with the Spring Equinox, (turn of the year, Tequphah #8622) which is the point of time when the sun crosses the equator from south to north. [It is not equal day, equal night). In the fall, we have other feast days, "at the turning of the year", a fall Equinox. See Exodus 34:22 where you can read of the festivals, and the fall feast of in gathering at the "year's end," or "revolution of the year" or "turning of the year". This is at the time of the Fall Equinox. The four seasons are determined by the sun. Notice...

Beginning of spring.. Spring Equinox Beginning of summer ... Summer Solstice Beginning of fall .....Fall Equinox Beginning of winter .......... Winter Solstice

The spring Equinox, or turning of the year, ushers in a new year and the whole month of Abib must occur within that year. So, Yahweh says to Moses, concerning the month of Abib.. Exodus 12:2.. "This month (new moon) shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month (new moon) OF THE YEAR to You. Interesting and so simple. A year has started. It started when the sun provided the Spring Equinox, a tequphah, a turning of the year. Then the new moon after that Equinox begins the first month, Abib, of that new year! If the new moon used is prior to the Equinox, it is still in the previous year! It is the last new moon of the old year, not the first new moon of the New Year as Yahweh said it should be!

If we use the new crescent on or after the Spring Equinox, as Yahshua commanded the holy days will fall within the seasons. If you think they must fall in spring and fall, so be it. Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread will always fall in the spring. The Feast of Tabernacles will ALWAYS be in the fall of the year, at the revolution or tequphah of the year. Using the Spring Equinox, the holy days CANNOT migrate outside of their seasons, even if one thinks those seasons mean one of the four, spring, summer, fall or winter.

Yet, when Yahweh in Leviticus 23 tells us to speak of these festivals in their seasons, He is not referring to spring, summer, etc, but to their appointed times as He fixed the calendar. The word season in this reference is #4150 and specifically means an appointed time or festival.

Finally, what was Yahshua's example, for we should follow in His steps? He died on April 25, 31 C.E. (AD). The new moon that month of Abib was after the spring Equinox, and the farthest new moon from it. He is the law giver and He fulfilled that same law. What is so difficult in following what Messiah obviously approved of? Any time there is a difference, look to the example our Master, Yahshua Messiah set for us. He never sinned! And if we look to Him, following His perfect example, we will not sin either.

Does it matter? When Yahweh has an appointment, and wants you and me to keep it, should we be concerned that we have it correct? If not, we will miss our appointment. Yahweh is not being picky. If Sabbath starts at sundown on the sixth day, Friday, then it does not start at sundown on Saturday, The Feast days have their appointed times and it behooves us to meet with our Creator on His time which He appointed.

Please do not be confused on other studies, especially the Wave Sheaf in Jerusalem. The Ministry of Agriculture has repeatedly stated that the harvest of Barley will not be ready until mid April. This eliminated the calendar that places the new moon prior to the equinox. Please send for the study on: "The Wave Sheaf'.

Here is the third most important point.  The new visible crescent after about March 21st has to be seen and reported in Jerusalem.  This is historically true and biblically true.  Moses in Exodus 12 was near the very time zone where all the Feasts were kept years later.  The partriarchs were viewing the new crescent in that same time zone.  Yahshua used the Jerusalem timing to die on Passover in 31 A.D. (Send for our study, local moon or Jerusalem moon).  We can not use a local moon in the USA or any where else.  This pratice will place the believers on the wrong days, 2/3 of the time.  (With internet, we now have the capability to know when the new visible moon is sited in Jerusalem.)

The formula is: First new crescent in Jerusalem after March 21st is Abib 1.  Then we start our count to Passover, Abib 14 (not the 13th).

The main problem in the Asssemblies is that they do not want to keep a Jerusalem moon.  The scripture says the law comes out of Zion.  All the feast for 4000 years were kept at Jerusalem and it's timing.  That is where the Savior kept them too.  This was not the moon seen in Illinois or Missouri.

Second, the Assemblies want to violate scripture again by substituting barley as a sign for the sun in Gen. 1:14-18.  The sun starts the year and the moon sets the month.  Barley is an event, not a sign for starting the month of Abib.

As the feast days come this year, make every effort to attend somewhere so as to please Yahweh who called you unto this wonderful separation. You need the attitude that no matter what comes, you will GO to be with Him at His appointed times, That the most important thing in your entire life is to be where He places His Name (Deut. 16:6, YAHWEH)! He will be there! This means that we can not stay at home. We have to go… He will provide you with messages you need for your spiritual growth, for encouragement, for helping you remain faithful to Him unto the end. Accommodations are not to be your primary concern. Just being where He is should be your heart felt desire, and if so, He will give you that desire of your heart.

Go to His feasts with the purpose to rejoice as He has commanded. It is so warm and wonderful to fellowship with others of like minds, and with our heavenly Father and His Son Yahshua Messiah, as we all meet to rejoice together. So many millions of believers have missed out, and are still missing out, on such wonderful and joyous times our heavenly Father has provided for all who will hear Him and hear the One He sent.

While looking forward to His appointed times, remember that we are far closer to the Kingdom of Yahweh than when we first believed. Pray for one another, Pray for the sick in Yahweh's Assembly and their loved ones. Pray for those in the ministry to be able to be inspired to feed Yahweh's chosen people. Pray for various ministries striving to accomplish the task of preaching repentance and remission of sins in His name to this world. Write letters of encouragement to those you see and know are being faithful in the commission given to His called out ones. Write to one another words of happiness, sympathy, and encouragement, whichever is needed at the time. Writing is an expression of the love we have from Yahweh toward one another…

Biblical Calendar Research by Herb Solinsky